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Re: The 2005 Looper's Survey ...begins... NOW!

David, do you use Firefox and the NoScript extension perhaps?  I've
had the poll site crash on me a couple of times while fiddling around
with allowing it to use javascript.  (Not the first site this has
happened on.)  Currently, I've made it all the way through the poll
and pressed 'Submit', but it's just sitting there waiting for
uncledig.com.  Not sure if it'll finish up, or if it's already counted
my entry.


On 11/26/05, Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
> That's strange.  It doesn't process the submission until you submit it
> with the button at the bottom of the page (or perhaps you accidentally
> hit the Enter key?)
> I'll delete your record this morning, and you can try it again later.
> Email me privately if you continue to have problems.  Sorry for the 
> Doug
> David Morton wrote:
> >I tried, but it fell over at my first attempt (I typed 'UK' into the
> >country box and it ended right there & thanked me for my submisson). I
> >tried again, but it told me I'd already submitted my answers.
> >
> >So your results will be out by 2 EDPs, a PDS8000, an EHX 16s reissue,
> >a ZVex LoFi and some software I can't be arsed to list again here.
> >
> >On 11/26/05, Doug Cox <dougcox@pdq.net> wrote:
> >
> >