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New here and looking for a looping device

Hello all,

May a few words regarding my person first. I'm 19 and from Wuppertal 
,Germany, being a Synth/Keyboard-player for 3 years and studying law at 
the university. Listening to Prog Rock like Yes and King Crimson.
I found this wonderful site few weeks ago and kept reading quite a bit 
since them. My interest for looping came up when I got my hand on a 
Behringer Multi-FX device, the Virtualizer DSP 2024, but I never did 
much looping until one month ago, when I got my Roland GR1 guitar synth, 
which seems to be the perfect soundtool for my needs. So i experimented 
a lot with loops, even if the device only has 5 seconds of delay time it 
was a very nice experience and I can spend hours with it, with adding 
new stuff constantly and fading out the old stuff by controlling the 
feedback. And you never know how the whole thing will develop. And now, 
I'm looking for a device, that offers more delay/loop time. I have read 
great things about the Oberheim/Gibson Echoplex and TC 2290, but they 
are out of my price range, so I took a look on the Boss DD20, which 
seems to be very nice with it's 23 seconds of loop or delay time (as I 
read in a Looper's Delight review, you can even have 46 seconds). Also 
it keeps the ongoing delay when you switch programs. I'm going to test 
it soon, are there any comments on this device? In my opinion, it should 
be fine enough to start with. Or are there any alternatives out there?

Thanks in advance!

All the best, Janosch