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Re: AW: New here and looking for a looping device


thanks for your long answer!

I already own the Line6 Echo Park, so the Line6 Echo Park may not be 
such a good idea. If I got it correctly, the Jamman, RC20 and DL4 offer 
no feedback control, while the DD20 offers this in the delay mode. I 
tend to work a lot with the feedback on the Virtualizer, so this 
function is important for me.
A friend of mine owns a DD20 and I will soon have the chance to try it 
out extensively.
For modulation duties, I got a TC Electronic G-Major few days ago, so I 
can apply pitchshifting and other effects to the loops. The D-Two is a 
little bit too expensive for me, and because of the G-Major, I don't 
need a delay that can add modulation.
And I agree with you, it's not all about the tools, but also about what 
you do with them. Even if the 5 second delay of the Virtualizer is a bit 
limiting, you can still do some great stuff with it. And with something 
like the DD20, the possibilities would be even bigger and the whole 
thing would become more exciting but also more complex.

Best regards, Janosch

Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill schrieb:

>regarding devices in the lower price range:
>The DD20 seems to be a fine tool, plus it offers several delay
>algorithms. Other loopers in the same price range are the Boss
>RC-20/RC-20XL, the Digitech Jamman and the Line6 DL4. Among these three,
>the Line6 has by far the shortest loop length (14s or 28s in halfspeed),
>but offers single-shot (for stuttering effects), reverse and half-speed
>functionality. The RC-20 and RC-20XL does also offer reverse, but none
>of the other ones offers the other two options. Plus, the DL4 has also
>some interesting delay algorithms (albeit with a short delay time of ~3s
>or half of it for the reverse delay). The Akai Headrush would also be in
>the same league regarding price and features. I did own the older E-1
>variant, which offers either a 23s delay or a 23s looper (albeit only
>half of that if you do overdubs, which you can undo).
>Depending on the way you work with loops, some delay-based effects might
>also be in the running. TC Electronic's D-Two offers a maximum of
>10seconds in mono, and has some whacked forward/reverse rhythmic tapped
>delays, dynamic delays as well as added filters and modulators. There
>are also a lot of vintage devices, some of them might be had at a good
>price and provide lots of fun: Digitech's RDS/PDS series offer modulated
>delays with a length of up to 8s (in the PDS8000). Then there's the
>Lexicon Vortex, which can be used as a textural looper (with a maximum
>loop length of something like 1.67s cascading both delay lines). There's
>also the original Lexicon Jamman, although I know nothing about this
>If using a computer would be an option for you, there are some tools in
>the market as well. Mac users seem to enjoy AugustusLoop a lot, while
>for win platforms there's a emulation of eight EDPs called Mobius - both
>come as VST effects (Moebius also as standalone). For a listing of
>software loop solutions, you might take a look at Bernhard Wagner's list
>here http://tinyurl.com/b8lw6.
>Finally, let me state that it's also but not only about the tools. Just
>like you, I started to do looplike stuff with very limited setups (in my
>case, the combination of the delay algos of a Boss SE-50 and a digitech
>StudioQuad), which really limited my possibilities. Nowadays, I'm able
>to use a DL4, an Eclipse, a Vortex and a Repeater for loop stuff - but
>there's a lot of really interesting stuff you can do e.g. with a DL4
>alone, or with a combo of, say, a DD20 and a Virtualizer. In most of my
>sessions and concerts with my improvised dance outfit "Eclectic Blah", I
>rely on the looping possibilities of the DL4 exclusively, and especially
>in a band context, this is really enough.
>Welcome to our strange world!
>       Rainer