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a dream!

So, I woke out of a dream this morning, in which Matthias was over, and 
was re-configuring my mixer with the keyboard, two synth modules, mic, 
loopers. He easily remedied wires going places that didn't make sense.  
It was disappointing to realize it was just a dream, because, even 
though my stuff is working well, I'm "winging it," coming from a mostly 
acoustic piano background. Kind of shows the power of an email list, 
when you find yourself including it in dreamland!

I'm wondering...if I'd slept longer maybe Mathias would have commented 
on my EDP list-note from last week, which went something like this:

> In StutterMode, with Insert=Sub, when I end Multiply with Insert I get 
> Feedback display (0-127), and then am overdubbing at that feedback for 
> as long as desired.  Ending that with Overdub can add a "finishing 
> touch.". Feedback is set by front knob (feedback pedal inserted in 
> back of EDP).   This is a great way to let the loop progress into new 
> territory!  Is this described in the manual somewhere?  It's like the 
> Insert with quantize we talked about ("EDP Insert: Overdub, too?" 
> -11/15), but this is an actual extended Overdub of the whole loop.

||: David :||