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Keller Williams / jam bands/ rc50 - the self-marketing ploy

Krispen asked: 

> What's the hype about jam bands, anyway?  And adding looping 
> to boot? How much burnt sage, petrulli oil, and hours of 
> noodling can folks actually tolerate?  :)  Heh heh...sorry, I 
> had to get that one in.

For an example (or rather two) of a radical jam band (meaning: no songs at
all, no predefined music, just jamming - or would you call that free improv
avantgarde?), check out these two:

(Straschill/keys, Klos/b, Wechtenbruch/dr). Kawai K-1 with a few broken 
and Nord MicroModular through Line6 DL4.

(Straschill/keys, Kühner/git, Würdinger/b, Wycik/dr). Yamaha SY85 through
Line6 DL4.

Both of these come of course from the vaults of my Eclectic Blah
project...rehearsal room recordings in both cases.

Have fun!