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RC-50 -feedback- :-)))

Hi folks

>Anyway, I tried your solution for feedback 
>and it works great; I don't see what the hubub is about.

this is from s.o. not from the list - was pleased to read this :-))

Hi Buzap,

My name's ----.  I just bought an RC-50 a few days ago and have been 
playing with it and also checking out the LD mailing list archive on the 
subject.  Not quite ready to subscribe, but thought a direct email to 
you would be OK (I hope).  Anyway, I tried your solution for feedback 
and it works great; I don't see what the hubub is about.  I set the 
global 'input out' to "Main", ran the sub to aux and that allows me to 
use the aux volume control to set the feedback level (no need for a 
mixer).  I settled on aux knob value 4 for a nice decay.  In 
overdub=replace mode, that gives me about 3-4 repeats of the loop before 
it fades too low to distinguish.  What's really nice is that I set the 
"rythm" loop on phrase 1 and then do overdubbing on 2 and 3, going back 
and forth between the two.

Anyway, I didn't want to make a big deal about it; just wanted to 
confirm that your solution is the best.  One jumper, one global setting 
and adjustable feedback via the aux volume; works for me. 

---- -----

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