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Re: Jam looping

"They're will always be the underground, but it supports the ground. That's where the people live."

Wow.  I'm speechless.  Please don't sue me if I steel your quote!


mark sottilaro wrote:
experimental music seems 
to be the default for most live loop musicians.  I
simply enjoy seeing 
someon do something that is not that.
While I think it's for sure more popular to be
"experimental" (to some people that just means
instrumental) I see musicians all the time using
loopers to create live "pop" formatted music.

For instance...

Sunday night we went to see Imogen Heap (most known
for the album she did as Frou Frou) at the Warfield. 
Our own Kid Beyond opened.  Man was that a mother
fucker of a show.  Amazing.  Sure many could call some
of Andrew's improv stuff experimental, but most of it
was rooted in good ol' fashion dance music, and the
booties, they were a-shaken.

Before him was a guitar looper.  He was also pure
standard pop music, but very good. I forget his name

Then came Imogen.  Wow.  That girl had 2 Repeaters
that she ran back and forth between, all the while
singing like an angel (with a slight cold, but angelic
none the less)  I'd say there were few songs that
didn't have a bit of looping in it.

Anyway, that's art.  Things always start "out there"
and slowly mutate into something that's appealing to a
wider audience.  They're will always be the
underground, but it supports the ground.  That's where
the people live.


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