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Re: Use of controllers

it really depends on a lot of things.  What's your
instrument?  When I'm playing keyboard I have buttons
programmed on the controller to control my loops.  For
guitar, buttons suck, so it's all on the floor. Some
functions like loop volume work best as a expression
pedal, others foot switches.  I find the Handsonic
funny because a lot of the presets use the D-Beam
(Infrared beam of light) to trigger a sound, and it's
nearly imossible for me to make it work in any
accurate way.  However, it's great for controlling
pitch and effect/modulation controls.

Really you can do anything a million ways, the most
important thing is becoming comfortable and intimate
with your hardware interface so it becomes second
nature to use.


--- Sean Onion <sean@zwieble.com> wrote:

> What's the best use of controllers in a performance
> looping setup?  That 
> is, what would you use switches, pedals (rockers),
> knobs, sliders and 
> keyboard for?  And a corollary to that question is
> where: floor or on a 
> stand? 
> Thanks folks,
> Sean

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