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Re: Sound quality of various loopers

You don't have the unit set so that the frequency rate is lower, right? I recall you could get a longer loop length on the unit, but you sacrificed quality.
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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 9:58 AM
Subject: Re: Sound quality of various loopers

Thanks for the reply. Here's how I determined the thinning of the sound:
Epi Les Paul direct to Boomerang, Boomerang direct to Marshall amp (same results are the same with my Fender Princeton amp, too).
I play, and notice the usual thick, rich tone.
I tap "record", and "record" again to end the recording. The loop immediately starts to play back, and I notice that the tone is very noticeably thinner (seems more trebly and less bass).
To the average ear the difference would be slight, but I'm sure any of you guys would notice it immediately. I just happened to notice the same thing during my lesson the other day when my instructor used his RC-50. Slight difference but noticeable.
I remember about a year ago trying Mobius through my computer, and noticed no difference in sound quality at all, but the playback was through my Altec Lansing computer speakers.
One other thing that I notice about my 'Rang is that right out of the box, the center switch setting produces an incredible amount of hiss. I kind of ignored that and just figured it was a 'Rang idiosyncrasy. The other two settings are nice and quiet, though. Perhaps I need to send it back to Mike N. for a checkup.
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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 11:43 AM
Subject: Re: Sound quality of various loopers

I have never experienced this with any of the looping devices I've owned and used: Boomerang, RC-20, Echoplexes, RC-20.  The Boomerang tended to generate a bit of hiss for me, but I was able to minimize by ensure my levels were relatively hot on the unit. 
Where are you running the Boomerang in your signal chain?  You ran an A/B test and demonstrated the Boomerang is actually contributing to the thinning?  It could be a signal chain gain thing.  Though not stellar, I recall the specs on that unit (bit rate and frequency range) were enough to not significantly alter the tone of your instrument.
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Sent: Monday, December 11, 2006 8:43 AM
Subject: Sound quality of various loopers

Hi folks,
I haven't posted in quite some time, but now I'm back to bother you all with my silly questions.
I use a Boomerang, and although it's an easy unit to use I've noticed that there is a noticeable "tinniness" to the playback. Of course, I have it set for highest quality.
I've also noticed this on other looping devices. For example, my guitar teacher has an RC-50 which he just has hooked up to a little practice amp, I still notice a slight thinning out of the playback sound.
Is this common to all looping devices? Is there any way around this such as compensating with some kind of eq?
Thanks, and I apologize because I know my questions are very basic.