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Re: Sound quality of various loopers

At 00:00 12/12/2006, you wrote:
>Er, OK, so you say that the 1/3 octave at the top of the spectrum is 
>the important one?

no, I said I liked the sound of the JamMan

....didn't I ?

>What insrument do you play? Dog Whistle?   ;^)

generally I use electric guitar, and wouldn't mind the jamMan hf loss,
but for miking percussion ( for instance ) it's quite noticeable.

The theory that they teach in college says that the JamMan can sample 
up to 16kHz,
and that's  the limit of my hearing anyway, but Lexicon knew that 
they could get a smoother
sound  by putting their filters a little lower in the audio spectrum, 
so there's some audible hf loss.
...but the quality within that frequency range is superb. Very solid bass 

andy butler

>>At 17:09 11/12/2006, you wrote:
>>>I've used nearly every looper available, and even after all these 
>>>years I rank the Lexicon Jamman at the top. It just sounds the 
>>>smoothest, the least digital and the most musical.
>>>Sometimes the wheel doesn't need to be reinvented!
>>With it's 32kHz sample frequency, the JamMan lacks some of the top 
>>end of the audio spectrum.
>>I would concur that is does sound great though, especially for 
>>looping bass guitar.
>>andy butler