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digitech rp350-5 sec of delay

i briefly owned this week the new digitech rp350.
it does have 5 sec of delay and can loop and you can manipulate it short to long, long to short. it is digital sounding, but usable.
i mainly didn't like it b/c i realize that it's made for being on the ground w/ the expression pedal, and i like to keep things on my studio desk for tweaking....i won't go into all the things i didn't like, but basically it didn't sound like much of an improvement over my old rp100. the one thing i noticed is that the knobs aren't free spinning like on my old rp100, they have notches so there is a click to it (they feel sturdier), and when i was manipulating the time it has that click click click sound, but it did work.
i guess i didn't really love the 30 preset tone and 30 preset effect option, doesn't appear that you can just make your own presets, have to use one of those as a start, which i thought was odd, b/c i was trying to figure out how to get to delay in a preset w/ no delay.....but i guess they are trying to compete w/ the dial up a sound that PODS have. and since it has usb connection and they have some computer options i think there is more tweaking options available when you're connected to a computer, which doesn't interest me.....
again, if you're a tube tone snob, i don't think the digital models will impress you, they sounded ok, just wasn't blown away. and i'm not sure if buying one for the 5 sec of delay is the best option, since it's more of a multi-effects/digital model option box, but another option that's out. one of the reasons i tested it was in the early ads, the new rp150 didn't say it had 5 sec of delay, but the new ads do say that, so that must have been an early error in ads. so the rp250 and rp150 have the 5 sec of delay also....i was going to do a harmony-central review, but decided since i didn't have much nice to say, to just save it.....

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