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Compact guitar amp...

--- Krispen Hartung <khartung@cableone.net> wrote:

> I have no new gear on my Xmas list this year, except
> replacing what was 
> stolen a few week ago....

That blows!  I'm sorry. 

I'll pickup a Line 6 or
> Jamman tomorrow...haven't 
> decided yet. 

 Check out the DD-20 too, that's a good pedal IMO.

 Anyone have any ideas for a small,
> compact guitar amp for 
> jazz, with a lot of bells and whistles, effects,
> etc?

I have a Johnson JT-50 Mirage that I really like. 
It's not the tiniest but it's pretty light as these
things go and it has a stereo line level effects send
which I find very useful.  One afternoon I A/B'd it
with my Ampeg Reverbrocket (all tube combo) and it had
all the tone but none of the hum and buzz the Ampeg
had.  You can usually find them on ebay pretty cheap.


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