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Re: Looper's Christmas list

>>> On 15 dec 2006, at 20.10, mark sottilaro wrote:
>>>> So what's on ya'll Christmas lists?

I had a fairly profitable month in November, so I got myself a couple of
early Xmas presentz:

A Radial ProD2 stereo DI: I play bass and keys/laptop live, and having 2
channel DI in my amp rack makes life easier for me and the unfortunate
soundguys who get to run us. Plus, it's a great sounding DI.

An Electro-Harmonix 12AY7 mic preamp, a small and cheap tube mic pre that
is NOT STARVED PLATE like most tube gear under a grand. Wow, I am blown
away by this pre! Direct bass sounds big and full with no EQ, and cheap
condenser mics sound like they actually have some character. This is,
IMHO, the best sounding cheap preamp on the market.

A copy of Numerology: I have a rather extensive analog modular synth here
(mostly MOTM and Blacet modules), and a few years ago, I sold the Doepfer
MAQ that had been the primary sequencing controller for the modular. I'd
been meaning to get Numerology all along, and finally did last week. What
an amazing piece of software! It's definitely the most fun and interactive
sequencer I've ever used. There's nothing like having multiple step
sequences in multiple time signatures triggering analog synths, I feel
like I'm in Tangerine Dream now.