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EDP NextLoop question

Recently I was delighted to discover that on the EDP you could copy an existing loop over another already-recorded loop when using the MIDI commands for direct loop access (instead of the NextLoop button on the EFC-7).  This has been something I've been wanting to do but hadn't discovered it in the manual. 

What I'm wondering is if there's a way to start with something in Loop1, then record that to Loop2 while overdubbing (I already know this can be done), and then go from Loop2 to Loop3, without pause, copying not Loop2, but Loop1 to Loop3, overdubbing as I go.  This would allow me to set up a percussion track on Loop1, play a verse as Loop2 and then go straight to the chorus for Loop3 with no interruption.  Currently I have to go back to Loop1 and the to Loop3.  I'm doubting the software supports it, since it seems to violate one of the underlying principles of the Loop software, i.e. "All operations are based on the current playing loop", but it can't hurt to ask.