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Re: Vintage Gear, E-bait etc

ES-335...I have an interesting story about those "collectables". I bought 
brand new Gibson ES-335, flaming maple blond, in 1997 ($3700)...beautiful 
looking guitar with an amazing finish.  I bought a backup guitar, which 
the Epiphone copy. And to be quite honest, I thought the Epiphone played 
much better (fretboard-wise) than the Gibson. In fact, if I had put those 
335 57' humbuckers in the Epiphone and replaced the Epiphone tuners with 
nice Grover tuners, the guitar would have been far superior to the Gibson 
my perspective, for a fraction of the price ($550).

One regret i do have, however is the 61' Gibson SG reissue I bought when I 
was in junior high, for $500, in a pawn shop...then sold it for a Aria 
a whammy bar. Ugggg......


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From: "Tony K" <bigtonyk@gmail.com>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Monday, December 18, 2006 1:49 PM
Subject: Re: Vintage Gear, E-bait etc

>> >>From: Krispen Hartung: Buying musical instruments as an 
>> >>investment...now that's a >notion that has always intrigued me.  Not 
>> >>20 oz cup of chai tea with two shots of >espresso, as I consider 
>> >>a player and not a collector....<<
> I have a pile of instruments and stuff, but I don't 'collect' them as
> collectors items or investments.  First off, I don't buy the
> collectible items.  My first really nice guitar was an Electra from St
> Louis Music (Matsumoku made, like Ibanaz and Aria Pro).  So, I have a
> 'thing' for them.  I have a bunch and each is a different style.  Got
> a strat copy, LP copy, 335, etc.  I'm still watching for the Tele and
> SG copies.  I play them all.  However, I can't really see using
> guitars as investments.  I go to the Philly Guitar show every few
> years and I marvel at the $500,000 Les Pauls, and $45,000 Strats.  I
> think people are nuts for paying that much, but the world is full of
> nuts.
> I still find some good deals at yard sales.  Got a EH Bass MicroSynth
> for $5 and a '45 Epiphone student model acoustic for $20.  So, you
> never know!
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> -==-=-=-
> Tony
> http://bigtony.blogspot.com/