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AW: effects racks?

If you have it in your Repeater's effects loop, 24bit might not be that 
important as you think ;). Also, "not break the bank" is not very specific 
what breaks your bank?

I have to second some of the recommendations already given (Vortex, with 
only drawbacks the very unintuitive user interface and the lack of MIDI 
and the Kaoss Pad), as well as to add the Nord Modular series. The
MicroModular is not rack based but tabletop-style, but it gives you great
audio processing power, especially with the tons of envelopes, LFOs, step
sequencers and logical operators. Sadly, no reverb and only minimum amount
of delay. The G2 engine doesn't have these limitations, but is much more
expensive and does not have an UI of its own - you'll need a MIDI 
even to switch patches.

I personally enjoy the (Eventide) Eclipse very much for ambient/interesting
stuff, but this might be in the bankbreaking department...



        Von: Tony Hughes [mailto:hughes.tony@gmail.com] 
        Gesendet: Montag, 18. Dezember 2006 21:03
        An: Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com
        Betreff: effects racks?
        I've been looking into rack based effects processors to use while
looping.  Wondering what people use to create ambient/interesting effects.
I will mainly be running a keyboard through the fx insert loop on my
repeater, but will also be using my harmonica/vocals and anything else I 
think of to make sounds.  Delay/Reverb etc...are all great, but I'm also
looking for interesting special effects sounds (the crazier the
better)...Would have to be stereo based and hopefully include a 24bit
processor, but not break the bank.  Thought I might ask the list.