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Re: Looper's Christmas list

All I want for xmas is a looperlative..... I'll give my two front  
teeth for it :)

On Dec 15, 2006, at 2:10 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:

> Sure, a lot of people like to point out that Christmas
> is all about the birth of a guy who wanted us to try
> being nicer, but we know what it's really about.
> Presents!
> So what's on ya'll Christmas lists?  I love hearing
> shit like that.  Here's mine...  It's really more of a
> "wish list" and possibilities of what my beloved
> Repeater might become (my rule's been to only get new
> software if it can be from the funds of stuff sold on
> ebay)
> Cameleon 5000 Additive Synth
> Izotope's effects bundle
> (Distortion/mastering/spectral effects)
> CamelPhat (beat synced FSUer)
> Toontrack EZ Drummer (more beats!)
> PSPaudioware Vintage Warmer (tube post amp/compressor)
> Ohmboyz: $130 (Delay/distortion FSU'er)
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