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Re: repeater

> Well I finished one degree and I started on another, but decided  
> that I
> want to get back into playing-even if it delays my dissertation a bit

I started my Ph.D program at the University of Chicago in 1994. We're  
now less than a month away from 2007, and my adviser has just  
recently approved my dissertation. Still waiting to hear from my  
other two committee members. Here's hoping your journey will be much  
faster than mine.

> However, Electrix has not answered my mails and I'm stuck without a  
> looper.
> Does anyone have the inside scoop on what is going on?

I don't think anyone knows for sure. I had a Repeater on order with  
Full Compass for well over a year. A couple months ago they refunded  
my deposit because they were told that Electrix didn't even have a  
prototype made yet. Bottom line: It doesn't look good.  You'll finish  
your dissertation before the Repeater II sees the light of day.