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footwear DIY ?

Seriously,  the foot controller described by Krispen shouldn't be all
that hard to build with existing components.  Perhaps some commercially
available pressure pads, ribbon controllers, etc.  Emmett Chapman made a
really interesting FX controller pad years ago that facilitated cross
fading between FX.
> Krispen Hartung wrote:
>> I would love that! On a related note, I was talking to Jeff Kaiser a 
>> while back about a cool type of expression pedal concept. I was
>> of a hard plastic mat that had zones marked out on it. Basically, it 
>> would be like a touch sensitive computer screen, but capable of
>> MIDI expression data. So, you would take your shoes off and leave
>> socks on, and rather than operating a pedal, you would slide your
>> over the mat to change expression values. There could be two or more 
>> zones, for multiple controller #s.  And a fun feature would be an x/y

>> axis grid, so that you could control that puck in Cycling 74's Hipno 
>> "hipnoscope"....where moving it around the x/y axis changes multiple 
>> parameters.
>> Kris