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RE: group loop syncing

Well, I never really tire of looking in seat cushions.
 There's always a wealth of treasures to be found

However, what I did tire of was having a job where the
only qualification to being my boss was that you
walked into the restaurant.  I tired of having little
time to practice because I had to work overtime at the
sock store to pay my rent.  Most of all, I tired of
playing Pink Floyd covers for frat boys.

Hat's off to all of you who can make a living playing
music, or don't need income to survive, but myself,
I'm not really very talented and I'm way more happy
now that I can afford to buy my own home that's got a
nice room for looping and frankly if no one hears me,
it's not a bad thing at all.  I think I spend more
time playing now than I ever did, and I never have to
think, "Will this freak out the frat boys who've dosed
before the party?"

So if you call designing media and animation instead
of waiting tables "selling out" that's fine with me. 
I think I have more of my soul than if I'd gone to
playing Mustang Sally at Weddings.


--- aaron leese <aaronleese@hotmail.com> wrote:

> > > Three of theese "toys" and we need to play for a
> > > while getting something to eat. :)
> >
> >Heh, we have the same issue in the U.S.A.  I find a
> >"day job" helps.
> >
> day job ...... did you get tired of scraping money
> out of the couch cushions 
> to get coffee and ramen noodles ....... you sellout.
> It's ok ...... me too .......
> Fixing up the home? Live Search can help 

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