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Re: Guitarists-How do you hook up your equipment with the Repeater?

I found the Repeater did it's best (and hid it's short
commings) when it was in the effects loop of a decent
mixer.  I have a cheap soundcraft that works pretty
well and an even cheaper Behringer that I used to take
out to gigs.

I think a lot of people's complaints about the
Repeater's noise floor came from people who used the
front instrument input and/or plugged the output into
a guitar amp of some sort.  I'm sure the Repeater
doesn't have the best S/R but hooked up correctly it
was pretty decent. (there's also a mod which will get
you a few more db of dynamic range)

In my Repeater's loop was a Korg KAOSS pad and a dbx
stereo compressor/expander.  The KAOSS pad was for
pure loop mangleage and the dbx was to reign it in
when it got a bit too out of control as the KP-2 can


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