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> Heaven just got a lot more Funky.  Tomorrow night is my last gig with a
> funk
> band Iíve played in for more than 10 years. We will no doubt be playing
> Sex
> Machine, Iíve probably played the song a few thousand times, at least, 
> tomorrow night I will play it with renewed conviction in honor of the
> late,
> great James Brown.
It was a sad, sad Christmas. JB literally rearranged the DNA of music. As
a bass player, his grooves are probably my biggest influence, at least, it
was only after spending a few years shedding on his grooves that I started
getting called back to gigs.

"Dig me now, don't worry about later.
Dig the dance I used to do, it's called the mashed potato."

We've got a pretty big New Years Eve gig, and we're resolved to make it
extra funky. Somebody's gotta take it to the bridge...