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RE: Ambient Walkman: Odd take on a potentially physicalyl looped instrument?

Michael Peters wrote:
"interesting idea ... but ... I find myself more and more simply listening 
what is there ... that is, instead of listening to music when I'm walking
around, I find it more and more interesting to just listening to whatever
sound is there, maybe in the Cage sense that everything is music.
I bet that using a chip to make everything sound synthetic would quickly
sound boring. Listening to the real world won't ever get boring as long as
you're interested in the real world :-)"

Oh, yes,  I agree with you completely,  Michael.
I just think it is so fascinating how many ways,  people's creativity 
manifests itself
in the musical world.

I have been banging and blowing on things for ever so I'm really 
in the world
of sound.

I also like John Cage's definition of music:   "Music is just organized 

Because we have been getting a lot of rain and wind lately, there are a 
very resonant sounds abounding near where I live:    rain coming down on 
resonant pieces
of metal and wood on the houses.....................the phase changes of 
sound of rain as one walks into an
open foyer..................a particularly musical sounding (but sometimes 
annoying)  branch that rubs on my window
creating a very high squeaking sound.

I keep promising myself to take a recorder around with me to capture these 
things but never do.
Perhaps it is in their intransigence that they are so beautiful.

Music sometimes is about attaching oneself to something and then 
letting go of it.

Although my take is different,  I love that Stan Card's music (Stanosaur) 
cannot be accurately
captured on vinyl or digitally.    You just have to be in the room to 
get the viscerality of
what he is doing...............no recording medium can capture it.   It's 
why I don't ever like missing
on of his shows (even if I was a nervous nelly and asked him to turn it 
at the festival this year...........lol)