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Re: Some ideas needed

On 27-Dec-06, at 9:41 PM, mark sottilaro wrote:
So at home I do care about fidelity, but I've kind of
made the decision that I can't care too much. It can
lead to madness and high credit card debt. Then your
audience downloads your mp3 and listens to it on $100
computer speakers.

Absolutely correct. Debt can impact the time you have to do music. Not good. And certainly fidelity is a bottomless pit. I mean, a new SSL or Neve can put you back as much as an estate in paradise... so that's wack. I got my real start listening to old blues recorded with one mic and quite often out in the fields. I loved it. I did a show with the Ramones. Really loved that. Jimi Hendrix used brand new guitars. Now they're 'vintage"! What counts is the passion of the performance, no doubt about that. The wonderful thing is when the passion and the technology gel at the same time and the final product is impeccable. But, much much more important is impeccable music. If the music is there, you could record it with a dictaphone and the goods would come across. it's just, for me, good sound is an obsession and something I work on. Does it REALLY matter? Not as much as the music by any stretch. But I want to continue to get work from labels and that means I have to care. But all I have to do is get as good a sound... so I have to work a bit harder and pay close attention to things like data loss.

And, frankly, it's a fun game. But just a sideshow for me compared to music.

If worrying about data loss is keeping you from making
your music, you should probably look for the real
reason. Tape is fragile too.

Right on. Again, I just mentioned the loss of data because we need everything we can in our corner as artists. If it doesn't cost too much and improves the sound, well... why not at least study the options.

richard sales
glassWing farm and studio
vancouver island, b.c.


--- Richard Sales <richard@glasswing.com> wrote:

risk losing anything... and when you're spending big
money on a record
every little bit matters a lot.

Or so it is said!

I don't think any of this is really relevant to
mp3s. Sonically,
they're already pretty much kaboshed (compared to
16/24/44.1 or
above)... even though that's what most folks listen
to nowadays.

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