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Re: MBox/Live Setup

I have not used an MBox so this may be completely offbase, but here
goes.  I connect my SBLive to my Audiophile via the S/PDIF.  The
internal clock on the SB runs at 48khz and it appears that's the rate
the S/PDIF uses since the SB is the master.  What that means to me on
the AP end is that I need to run the AP at 48khz in order to get any
S/PDIF audio.  I also have to make sure that I set the AP clock to run
off an external signal - S/PDIF.

In your case(s), you may need to sync the clock rates on the MBox and
the ToneLab and the PC.

Like I said, I may be way off, but it's worth a look to see that they
are sync'd.


On 12/28/06, SR Millis <srmillis@yahoo.com> wrote:
> Steve,
> I'm having the a similar problem. My PC isn't recognizing my guitar 
> through my MBox.  I haven't solved the problem.
> Scott Millis
> Steve Mark <steve@otms.com> wrote:
> Hopefully an easy question.
> I have an effects processor (ToneLab) which connects my guitar to my 
>MBox 2
> Pro via S/PDIF, which connects to my Windows PC via Firewire.  I'm 
>trying to
> get Live to recognize the signal from the S/PDIF port but am not 
>  I am not using ProTools in this scenario, just Live standalone.  It does
> recognize audio coming from direct audio inputs, just not from S/PDIF.
> Has anyone done this before and succeeded or can someone point me 
> to get help?  I've searched Google but haven't found an answer.
> Also, if this is not the right/preferred way to do things, please let me
> know, I'm just coming up to speed on S/PDIF
> Thanks,
> Steve