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Re: O T..... i went and did it!

Hey Michael-
    I have the D1600mkII; have had it for about 2 years now and I LOVE IT.
Get into it, you won't regret it one iota. Here's what I've done with it:
* The excerpt from "The Long Dance" that's on the Looper's Delight
compilation vol. 3 was assembled on the D1600mkII.
* I do some freelance work for Korg's "Guitarville" internet newsletter, 
I record all the audio for it on the D1600mkII. You can hear the audio 
if you go to http://www.korg.com/service/support.asp . At the bottom of the
page, click on "Guitar*ville."
* I've posted a total of one song on my web site, but there will be many
more as soon as Congress passes that law to add an extra hour to every day.
In the meantime, try this: http://www.thecoyote.org/listen.cfm
* I've transferred hours of cassettes to CD.
* I've recorded numerous jams.
* I did the audio CD that went along with my book ("Play Guitar By Ear").
Yeah, there's a learning curve, but I found it far less painful than trying
to learn to use a cell phone.
Douglas Baldwin, coyote-at-large

"Let these minutes and hours
Show my mind strange new flowers"

- Jackson Browne

Michael wrote:

> yesterday at 11:30 AM i called "sweetwater" and bought a korg D1200mkII
> digital recording "studio