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FS: 4 Digitech 7.6 second TimeMachines, PDS-8000 Echo Plus and otherloopers

For Sale:

4 Digitech 7.6 second TimeMachines: $150 each or $500 for the whole bunch (just like getting one for free) :-)

2 DigiTech PDS-8000 Echo+Plus 8-second loopers: $250 each - I've used these in my home studio as my 'Frippertronics' jam unit.

2 DigiTech RDS-4000 rackmount 4-sec sampling delays

DigiTech RDS-8000 rackmount 8-sec sampling delay

Akai Headrush E1: $150

If you have any questions, please let me know.

I'm in Charlotte, North Carolina