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Re: CD Sales Now Donated to the Boise Experimental Music Festival

FYI - Lucio Menegon has just graciously donated his CD sales between now and April 26, to BEMF as well.   Thanks Lucio!!!   More at the website: http://www.boisemusicians.com/BEMF-2/  AND his site, http://www.kingtone.com/merch.html
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Sent: Tuesday, April 03, 2007 1:50 PM
Subject: CD Sales Now Donated to the Boise Experimental Music Festival

Hello all  -
First of all, check out the performance line-up for the 2nd Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival (BEMF).  It's amazing how many loopers and Loopers Delight members are performing: Rick Walker, Ted Killian, Jeff Kaiser, Lumper-Splitter (Lucio Menegon and Joe Rut), Margaret Noble, and more. http://www.boisemusicians.com/BEMF-2/
Second, last month I announced the release of the 2-CD set for the 1st Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival, and I indicated that all proceeds are going directly to support festival performer travel expenses.  I have decided to expand this to my entire discography.
Starting now, all of my CD sales will go to supporting musicians for the current and future Boise Experimental Music Festivals (and I'm sure there will be many more for years to come). I decided to this because BEMF is my most valued music event of the year, and I don't really need to sell CDs for my personal income. So I figured I would just devote sales to better cause and community oriented event. 
I have listed all the works in my discography below, with links to the pages that provide more info, links to buy, and sample sound clips. 
With 18 out-of-state performers playing at the event, and combined travel expenses being in the range of $10,000, each CD sale can potentially fund 1-3% of a performers travel expenses...not a lot, but every bit counts.  This may appear like an indirect form of shameless self-promotion, but the reality is (and Rick Walker and you other festival coordinators out there know this) that obtaining financial support for these type of events is no easy task, if not completely excruciating.  No doubt, I will personally go in the hole again this year, but my payback is the experience and the ability to meet and play with so many wonderful musicians. 
In finally, Tarey P. from Thee Art Of (http://www.theeartof.com/), who is also doing all the video, photography, and background film for the festival, is selling his new CD "NACHSTE OSTARA: Thee Art Of Music Compilation II", at the event and donating proceeds to BEMF as well. More info on that compilation here: http://www.theeartof.com/news.html
1st Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival CD Set (features Rick Walker, Ted Killian, Lumper-Splitter, Jeff Kaiser, and many others)
Interstellar Delirium
Descent to Self
Krispen Hartung
www.krispenhartung.com / www.myspace.com/krispenhartung
1st Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival
2nd Annual Boise Experimental Music Festival