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Re: USB Volume Pedal?

Goddard, Duncan schrieb:
> now, what I want is a little box with audio in & out on 1/4" jacks, &
> a midi in & through, & a CC-controlled VCA in there, so that I can
> control the volume of a standard rock instrument (like a guitar,
> bass, hammond, mellotron, whatever) using midi CC from a sequencer. 

I know I am late on that (had been behind of reading for a month...), 
but we still have some Niche automation flying around here. Originally 
used for hocking them up to the inserts of a mixer for mixer automation. 
They deliver 8 channels of audio in 1U and are controlled by Midi.

As the studio doesn't use them anymore, I am sure I can encourage my 
boss to sell them (there are two of them....)


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