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Re: Roland announce RE-20 'space echo'

Dirk Wilbert schrieb:
> Hi - I played the RE-20 today at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Very nice 
> effect, kind of warm and "vintage" sound - but I don't know how the 
> original sounds - so I can't compare...

I just found an original RE-201 on the street in front of my flat. The 
tape is missing, but I guess I can throw in some 1/4 inch...
Its heavy, and I am sure, beside just trying it, I won't use it. But I 
looked at ebay and there seems to be quite an interest in those kind of 

Anybody interested? I have to check if it works at all, but the pots 
"feel" very solid and fine at least...

I guess it was sitting in a cave for some years, but beside some dust it 
looks fine...


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