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RE: looper with 24Bits 96KHz sample rate

> While Mobius as a plugin runs with 32bit and also supports higher
> rates from the audio interface side, the timing engine does not
> anything different from 44.1kHz yet. So if you're using Mobius, look
> to some unexpected behaviour if using a higher sample rate (not
> a bad thing for all you aleatoric sound designers out there)

Right.  If you don't care about synchronizing with the VST host clock
or generating MIDI clocks for another device then Mobius should work
at higher sample rates though this isn't something I test.  If you
need external sync though, there are a few calculations that assume a
44.1Khz sample rate.  The most common side effect of this is
unexpected retriggering of the loop from the beginning at seemingly
random times.

I plan to fix this someday, but it isn't near the top of my priority
list.  This is arguably not an issue for people that play live because
with all the ambient noise and low-fi amplification it is impossible
for an audience to hear the difference in sample rates.  For studio
recording or listening under pristine conditions it does matter.