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Looping on portable hard-disk recorders


I checked the archives and didn't see much on portable hard disk 
recorders and their usefulness for looping.

What I am looking to do is take best 30-second to 5-minute segments of 
analog 2-track recordings and loop them.  I'm sure this can be done 
quite will with computers (ProTools, etc.), but am not really interested 
at this point in investing a lot of time in learning new 
software/hardware, nor investing the money in same.

I see from the owners manuals of some portable hard-disk recorders (Zoom 
4-track, Fostex 8-track, etc.) that one can cut and paste sections of 
recordings.   I am wondering if doing this could produce seamless loops 
(without any glitch or cut-out of the sound).   If I transfered segments 
of analog 2-track recordings to a portable hard disk recorder such as 
the Zoom MRS-4B 4-track recorder or the Fostex MR-8 series (whose owners 
manuals indicate that you can copy and paste sections of recordings), 
would the result be nice seamless loops without gaps?    Are there 
particular portable hard disk recorders (from two to eight tracks) that 
work better than others for seamless, glitchless loop-type recording?

Many thanks!
Michael Yoder
bassist, Ambient Jazz Duo