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Re: OT: Busking--it's hard for everyone

 re busking....
I live in NY and do this regularly.  It started for me several years ago when my children were younger and I was trying to find more playing time.  I play along the F and R lines everyday while waiting on the train, using a Martin Backpacker and recently a wood flute which is a new interest.  Most times the experience is more about doing it than income however I have had a few nice things over the years.  A few years ago a guy was watching me and appeared to be sketching.  He put a caricture and a note down in my case to call him if I played weddings so that led to a booking.  Have sold a few CD's and got a few bucks.  One neat personal experienced happened one evening.  I had quit and was walking out of the subway in Brooklyn.  About a block later a woman passed by me and said, 'that was really lovely what you played...'  Though those don't pay the rent in a sense that's why we do it...
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