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Re: OT: Busking--it's hard for everyone

i think richard has some excellent points here....the concept of knowing the performer is not joshua bell but JOSHUA BELL.  i've so many times felt while either listening to musicians play in certain locations, enviornments or playing in them myself that if prince were there playing right in front of the audience, they wouldn't pay any more attention.  

NOT to equate myself with prince or rather PRINCE.

another aspect is the concept of the soloist.  there is an intimacy in a solo performance that can of course be very intensely positive, but as a local missoula writer said,......it's more like a date.  coming across a solo musician in that setting, regardless of the fact that it's joshua bell, is for some people no different than being accosted by a homeless man for spare change.  a band though.......that's a whole other matter ( to most people i believe).  where there's a band there's a party, a scene, a happening.....it becomes less to do with the music than what happens socially.....even in ....maybe especially in a train station.  with a soloist, whether it's your choice or in this case...not....you are involved in a more intimate relationship.