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Re: OT: Busking--it's hard for everyone

I suppose so, but audio is localized, unless it's seriously amped; one 
can move away, unless you're lucky enough to be in an elevator with the 
electric zither/chinese violin/purple tuba. The other choice is to plug 
in the ubiquitous white earbuds, if they're not already installed.

I was just sayin' if buskers are presumptuous, so are the ads. I feel 
that complaints about either could be directed to both.

Most annoying "buskers" I've ever seen: in Mexico City, occasionally a 
truck will come by the lovely plaza in front of the Bellas Artes and 
disgorge five uniformed organ grinders who start a-grinding. That's bad 
enough - tonal music played on untuned instruments, in chorus - but 
along with them are double their number of donation collectors, also 
uniformed, who forcefully accost every passersby for cash. Not only the 
music questionable, but so is the artistry of mere handle-cranking, and 
the army of solicitors guarantee that pretty much everyone runs for cover.

Daryl Shawn

> ahhh yes, true... but you don't have to look at them... you can just 
> look the other way. Audio is harder to avoid.