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Re: greek

Yeah Spiral is great.  The intro song begins great anyway then goes just 
a little long on the anthem thing for my taste...hehe.  but after that 
goes into that great transition section and the next song is one of my 
all time favorites from him with the peculiar voices ..yeah that one 
:-).  And exactly regarding china.  The work almost seems to have a 
prophetic quality to it in retrospect the way I hear it. I could 
probably write a paper on it but I've got to go to lunch :-).  Everyone 
just listen if you haven't heard it ever or forever :-) .-Bob

samba - wrote:

>  I used to play allthat vangelis stuff on the radio in the late 70s 
> early 80s. Haven't heard any of it since then,yhough I did find a copy 
> of spiral in the  thrift store recently.Haven't listened to it yet,but 
> it was my fave back then. I didn't like the stuff when he got famous 
> as much. Odd thing about the comments about China-back then there was 
> no indication that the CHinese economy would emerge for 
> generations.They were mostly farmers.,still and made pig iron in 
> backyard forges ,didn't have a domestic steel industry really,now they 
> have the biggest ever. I don't mean to suggest that this can't be 
> heard in the music.
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