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  My favorite buskers are Artis the spoonthang ,Baby Gramps,the Human 
Jukebox guy in SF in the 70s. I actually saw  the legendary street 
Moondog in NY in the very early 70s,Thelonious Monk,members of Pentangle 
the Band were among his fans. There was an 80s band called Violent Femmes 
who were busking outside a Pretenders show.The kids standing in line were 
mostly ignoring them ,but someone in the pretenders heard and dug them,and 
when the show started VF were  onstage opening ,and got hooked up to get 
  True there's no reason to expect busy commuters to have time to stop and 
play audience.There are many possible responses to this truth. One is to 
make them stop and listen,and watch ,and ,make them give you money by 
totally irresistable ( this usually requires a fair amount of schtick, 
like rock music). Another is to not try to stop them but to play music 
energizes them or improves their mood. It's possible to play music that 
doesn't require intellectual attention to be enjoyable. Speak to the 
body,and it doesn't matter if they are paying conscious attention.  If you 
do this in the same spot regulary ,you'll make money. Another is just do 
what you do and ignore them, it will moslty be mutual,wait for someone on 
your wavelenght.You can always play for people waiting in lines.
  I've met many players who want audiences to pay attention to them,but 
don't pay attention to the audience. I garuntee you BB king has never 
ignoreed an audience in his life.He started out busking.

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