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Re: Re-Name that song - competition :: SPAM MY ARSE!!!!

I wouldn't consider the content of this to be spam (in fact I was 
planning to listen to your stuff and take a crack at names myself), but 
the introduction and greeting ("Hi Robmusic fans!") makes it seem as if 
this posting was part of a mass-mailing to one's own mailing list. It's 
not proper etiquette to include a listgroup such as LD as a recipient on 
that kind of list. I'd just make it a personal (and personalized) 
posting next time.

Daryl Shawn

> What's the difference between what I have put up - which encourages 
>other members to listen to my music and maybe get a free cd - and all the 
>other "hey look at what I'm doing" crap that comes thru which clogs up my 
> Rob