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new loop music from scott hansen on myspace

just uploaded some new loop based music on at:
finished some recordings after 2 months of working on them....since my last project
that i wanted to trade w/ folks i think i only had 3-4 takers, i'll just put a sampling of the
new music up for online listening/consumption...
gear is my mutant headless guitar w/ microphone in it--rocktron silver dragon--zoom g2--
digitech rp150--boss dd-20--direct to my fostex mr8 digital recorder...
i tried something new w/ these recordings-usually in the past when i mixed down to my
cd recorder i used the "natural" mastering effects button that the fostex has, but this time around i decided to not use it-to my ear it seemed like it was squishing (or squashing) the sound a bit (a real technical term i know)...
bulk of the material was using the dd20 as my looper (the digitech and zoom each has 5 sec of delay, just didn't use them as much)...

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