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Re: Re-Name that song - competition

Rob, my title submission:

"Dante Hitchhikes To Vegas"

Here's a brief review.

This, truly, is a musical trip, nine minutes long and needing that time, 
it seems, to tell its story. It somehow hangs together, even when 
running from Celtic fingerpicking to full-on Chevy Nova/2112/roach clip 
classic rock riffing, albeit still acoustic (and that, albeit with 
wah-wah and stoner crunch). There's definitely a narrative going on 
here, especially in the jarring changes like the moment two minutes in 
when the heavy-duty steel-string workout gives way to a very distant 
sirenlike slide, abetted by delicate filigreed harmonics. This turns 
into a beautiful meditation with a light Abercrombie-like melody that 
lasts just a minute before ushering in the fuzztone and a whole lot of 
melodrama. It's pocket-sized stadium-rock, turning on a dime from 
Skyrnd-worthy axeslinging to pensive echoes of the earlier, subtler 
textures. At seven minutes is the payoff, a feedback-drenched power 
chord glory stomp, clearing the gates for a wiggly-toned clean electric 
that manages to refer to almost everything preceding it, leaving you 
back at your door with a modest little handshake at the end.

Daryl Shawn