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Re: OT: VST plugin to do balance/pan function

On 12 apr 2007, at 19.53, Rainer Thelonius Balthasar Straschill wrote:

> I need a pan/balance thing to put in my signal chain in Live in  
> front of
> Mobius. It should be a stereo in/stereo out VST and do the following:
> It should be basically a dual mono in/stereo out thing with pan  
> functions in
> each input and one dial controlling them. If the dial is centered,  
> the pan
> settings should be left for the left input and right for the right  
> input. If
> you turn the dial to the left, the right channel's pan setting  
> should be
> turned to the left, if you turn the dial to the right, the left  
> channel's
> pan setting should be turned to the right.
> And perhaps different settings for level compensation.
> Is something like this available?
>       Rainer

Hi Rainer,

If you are using Live 6+ you may be able to set it up with the  
Utility plug-in in combination with a Rack. By using the RAck you can  
assign a MIDI controller to several targets and from version 6 the  
Utility plug-in has some enhanced functionality. Here's a quote from  
the Live 6 manual on the Utility plug-in:

> The Channel Mode chooser allows selective processing of the left  
> and right channels of a
> sample. If, for example, Left is selected, the right channel is  
> ignored and the left channel
> appears on both outputs. This is especially useful if you have a  
> stereo _le that contains
> different information on both channels and you want to use only one.
> The Panorama chooser pans the signal anywhere in the stereo _eld.  
> Its main purpose is to
> individually pan an Instrument or Effect Rack’s parallel device  
> chains.
> The Width control acts as a continuous mono to stereo controller  
> when set from 0 to 100
> percent. However, beyond 100 percent the output starts to _fold in_  
> on itself. At 200
> percent the output contains only the difference between the left  
> and right channels. If either Left or Right have been chosen in no  
> function and is therefore disabled.

Greetings from Sweden

Per Boysen
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www.looproom.com (international)
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