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Variax/PodliveXT Combo, Might be the ultimate looping source.

Forgive me if I sound like an add, but Im so friggin into this thing.
I just got a $300 Variax 300 to go with the Floor Pod Live XT. I was already very impressed with the Floor Pod's quality of sounds, but add the Variax, and it becomes a whole new thing.
I will say, I've always been a snob. It had to be tubes, and/or very expensive. But, this setup is amazing. I send the signal out to a Mackie board and then out to Mackie 450's. I would put some of the sounds up against the real amp/guitar combos any day. Add to that, acoustic guitar sounds which are very credible. Banjo, Sitar, Resonaters, and you have all you'll need as aguitar player.
I just discovered the digital cable to attach the guitar to the pod. Now I can switch entire rigs and guitar combos with my feet, including tunings.  Plus with the variax workbench, I can custom create guitars on my laptop. So cool.
In looping I've always thought the lack of variation of the tones was a big drawback. So many players try to get sounds through delays and stuff that any $100 keybord can do, but because its on a guitar, it's somehow cool. Like Pat Methenys $500,000 synclavier guitar that sounded like a $5 harmonica.
But with this, I can use all guitar sounds and not wear out the sonic pallette.
The only thing thats bumming me out is the somewhat limited amount of effects that are available at any one time. But, all in all, its quite the rig. Im planning on having a very fun weekend.