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Re: VST plugin to do balance/pan function

It might be overkill, but these Free VST mixers should work. Haven't
tried them myself:

On 4/13/07, Goddard, Duncan <goddard.duncan@mtvne.com> wrote:

> >>I need a pan/balance thing to put in my signal chain in Live in front 
>  Mobius. It should be a stereo in/stereo out VST and do the following:
>  It should be basically a dual mono in/stereo out thing with pan 
> in
>  each input and one dial controlling them. If the dial is centered, the 
>  settings should be left for the left input and right for the right 
> If
>  you turn the dial to the left, the right channel's pan setting should be
>  turned to the left, if you turn the dial to the right, the left 
>  pan setting should be turned to the right.
>  And perhaps different settings for level compensation.<<
Art Simon