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Re: Mastering music

Just a quick note about mastering in relationship to this thread. Mastering is really that last creative step in the recording process. It is not really an effect, but a part of the process. Sometimes mastering involves doing nothing, other times it involves compression, limiting, EQ and on rare occasions a few other things.

These days it is very common to use some sort of extreme limiting to get the final levels louder (L1, L2, Finalizers, etc), but many times a sense ofpresence or bigness comes from judicious EQ; and often more cutting than boosting.

If you are going to be using extreme limiting be cautious. At first it can be a little exciting but if overused can sometimes hurt some of the natural dynamics and change of texture that makes so much looping music interesting.

Ronan Chris Murphy

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On Apr 8, 2007, at 1:36 PM, rune fagereng wrote:

Thanks !

Rune F.

--- Stefan Tiedje <Stefan-Tiedje@addcom.de> skrev:

Richard Sales schrieb:
I use an antique version of the Ultramaximizer-
the L1 - and it works
well if you don't over do it. I've gotten good
comments on my mastering.
Hah! It makes me chuckle.

Ha, I started my mastering jobs with the L1 and
Sounddesigner, later
Peak, and never changed the plug-in...
All clients had been happy so far...

Might be all you need...

I would not do it in Ableton-Live, sounds like more
hassle than a
dedicated editor....


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