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Re: I think some of you guys are going to love this--a computer built into a guitar amp

I don't get it. Why would anyone want a computer inside a guitar amp? The 
thing will be obsolete in a year, based on the rate at which computers 
evolve.  If plugging straight into a laptop is a problem, why not just 
into a regular amp and run the effect loop through a laptop for effects, 
looping, etc?  I'm just trying to find the practical application here. I 
see the benefit of not having to pack a desktop computer around, or not 
to pack a laptop around on stage...but a fast evolving and obsolescence 
prone commodity inside an amp? It seems like a lot of work can cost just 
be able to plug a guitar into quarter inch jack, and have a computer 
recieving the input.

Tell me more about the noise you experienced.  I know that I've 
interference when my guitar pickups get close to a monitor of a deskto 
computer, but that doesn't occur with my notebook. I plug straight into 
computer and it is ultra quite, quieter than any amp I've plugged into.


----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Art Simon" <simart@gmail.com>
To: "Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com" 
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 5:46 PM
Subject: I think some of you guys are going to love this--a computer built 
into a guitar amp

>I tried to build a "one box" music computer where I could plug my
> guitar in straight into the computer. Ultimately, I failed, the noise
> from computer made the internal preamp unusable. This project goes one
> better--a guy modded an old guitar amp and installed a computer inside
> it. It's a couple years old, I can't believe I didn't find it until
> today.
> http://www.bit-tech.net/modding/2005/11/01/Creative_X-fi_Music_/1.html
> I'm salivating, boy I'd love one of these.
> -- 
> Art Simon
> simart@null.net
> http://art.simon.tripod.com
> http://www.myspace.com/artsimon