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Reviews (was: Re-Name that song - competition)

Glad you liked it, Rob. Sure, feel free to reprint. In fact, I think I'm 
going to put up a simple page for this and the other reviews I've 
written recently (for Per and Krispen) and keep on reviewing stuff, I 
like writing about interesting music.

On that note, if anyone has things they'd like reviewed, send me a link 
(sorry, can't do physical cds). OFFLIST please. Can be anything, whole 
albums are best but I'll do single tunes too, whatever. I can't promise 
any kind of quick turnaround, and I won't promise a positive review (I 
call it like I sees it!), but I'll listen to anything at all and spit 
out a few words. I'll try to get a page up this week.

Again, send any submissions offlist to highhorse@mhorse.com, please.

Daryl Shawn

> Thanks Daryl,
> Great title and great review - can I reprint that?