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Re: RC-20XL or Digitech Jam-Man? Quantize feature?

The jamman produces the click track.. and as long as you end the loop in
with the click track and pretty much on the beat (which is very easy) then
it loops
with your own instrument input. Now these two tracks...the click and the
loop itself
are linked ...they will never drift apart.

For me the jamman is much simpler and easier to use for this. My only guess
that this quantizing might be aimed at the more rythmically challenged  who
tap their foot to a metranome.

I also own the rc50 and suspect some of the sync and timing issues (a great
machine once
you get to know it) might have been avoided had they taken the jamman

---- Original Message ----- 
From: "Brent Santin" <woodenflutes@yahoo.ca>
To: <Loopers-Delight@loopers-delight.com>
Sent: Wednesday, April 18, 2007 1:17 AM
Subject: Help: RC-20XL or Digitech Jam-Man? Quantize feature?

> Hi!
> I plan to loop live (flutes, keyboards, vocal sounds),
> i.e. on stage.
> I've been playing with a very basic looping pedal, and
> am really enjoying the results (it's a cheap ZOOM
> pedal which is basically is an endless digital delay).
>  I regularly set it for about a 2 second delay
> (although it can go up to 6 seconds), then record a
> short sound like a click and listen to the click
> repeat so that I can get a feel for the timing.  I
> then layer sounds & beats on top of this.
> If find that if I use anything longer than a 2 second
> digital delay, it's too long between my reference
> clicks to feel the beat, so I keep the delay time
> short.
> The problem with this short time is that while it's
> good for building rhythms, there's not enough time to
> put down a good bass line or even more than one chord.
> So, I've been considering a looping pedal with a built
> in click track/metronome so I can reliably keep my
> timing over loops that might be up to four or eight
> bars of 4/4 in length.
> I need some help in deciding between the Digi-tech
> Jam-Man or the BOSS RC-20XL.  Those are the two
> looping pedals in my price range with a built in
> click-track.
> Right off the bat, the Digitech seems to have better
> features for the money (especially the flash memory &
> USB connections, XLR mic connector).
> But it is missing one feature that the BOSS has: the
> QUANTIZE function.  I assume that when I press the
> STOP RECORDING pedal, this function clips or edits the
> end of the sample to match the nearest beat of the
> click-track, thereby keeping the sample in sync with
> the click-track. i.e. If I recorded a a one bar 4/4
> sample that, but was slightly late in hitting the STOP
> pedal, QUANTIZE would chop the extra few milliseconds
> off the sample so that it would end properly on the
> "4" beat.
> How important is this feature?  It seems important to
> me (just from reading).
> The Digitech Jam-Man does not offer this function.  So
> does that mean if I do not hit the STOP RECORDING
> pedal at the exact end-beat the click-track provides,
> my loops will eventually drift away from the metronome
> timing?
> This is my main concern.  I need my loops (I guess the
> foundation loop, anyway) to be dead on with the
> internal click track of the pedal.  If I need the
> QUANTIZE function for this, I guess I will have to go
> with the BOSS, even though it offers fewer features.
> Thanks in advance for your advice!
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