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RE: [LOOP] Help: RC-20XL or Digitech Jam-Man? Quantize feature?

Once again thanks to everyone for the advice.

However, I just thought of something: It seems to me
that the Boss RC-20XL's QUANTIZE feature is really
only handy when you are creating the "foundation" loop
that all your overdubs are layered onto.  QUANTIZE
makes sure that this foundation loop is lined up with
the tempo.  If I understand things correcntly, then
once you have that accurate foundation track
established, you really don't need the QUANTIZE
feature for the overdubs, because any overdubs you do
are going to be locked to the foundation loops
length/timing anyway, right?

My main "fear" (and hence initial attraction to the
Boss' QUANTIZE feature) is to be on stage, trying to
lay down that main foundation beat, and f'ing it up by
not hitting the pedal at the right time.

BUT: Assuming I bought the Digitech Jam-Man, couldn't
I avoid this problem by creating a whole bunch of
basic, accurate "foundation" loops (i.e. a simple
hi-hat backings) in the comfort of my own home (under
no pressure), then store them in the memory of the
Digitech pedal and call them up on stage to do live
overdubs upon?  I would essentially be using these
"prepared loops" like a metronome to layer live stuff
upon.  Live overdubs can't possibly go out of time, I
assume, because they must be the same length/cycle as
the "foundation" loop, correct?

If this seems to make sense (and I hope it does), then
this solution seems to solve things...meaning I could
purchase the Digitech pedal and take advantage of all
the memory locations it has.

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