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Re: upgrading footswitches for EDP?

  why do you want to upgrade ?
to make more acoustic noize when you switch
to loose precision of your punches
to change something that was carefully chosen for its properties
to change  something that works
to have another color

Joking aside they look cheap and have problems "sometimes" but they are 
fast, precise, and, silent


>I recently got an EDP and the pedal board that Gibson makes for it
> (TGE04), and am wondering how difficult it would be to swap out the
> red plastic switches for more usable ones. I can solder wires to metal
> but that's about the extent of my knowledge, experience and skills.
> I've searched the LD archives but haven't found concrete suggestions.
> How difficult and/or complicated would it be? Any recommendations as
> to what kind of switches to get (or where to get them)?
> Eben