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Re: new looping/drone track for your enjoyment

>> Very cool Os.. :)
>I found Rainer's perspective interesting, as I was mainly worried that
>real drone aficionados would think that there was far too much
>happening in the track! >

as a <Bring the Drone> guy i liked the cut altho i think there IS too much 
goin on for it to be considered real Drone w/ a capital D.
in the words of James Plotkin, one great guitar/loop guy:
"a drone is a static sonic occurence, meaning a constant, unchanging event 
of sound. once  a sound shifts in tone, timbre,frequency, etc. it ceases 
to be a drone by definition."
he done said a mouthful, and if you can maintain those parameters true 
Drone can happen and transcend.(or bore you to death, whichever comes 
first :-)
drone on